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Ohio country singer and songwriter

Favorite Drink  Iced Coffee: It’s good morning, noon, or night!

Favorite Season Fall - I love how pretty the leaves are. The country scenery is always very picturesque during the fall months. I also love the candle scents during that season. I always have my windows cracked, candles lit, and curled up in a fuzzy blanket. 

Best quality Effervescent personality who can make friends with anyone.



How would others describe you? Playful, spontaneous, extroverted, and a high-spirited fun-loving soul who loves to laugh!


Favorite Artist While I can’t pinpoint a specific favorite artist, I do value and respect many of them based on their character, abilities, and artistry, who include Reba McEntire, Lauren Alaina, Carrie Underwood, and Lainey Wilson. 

What inspires you? I get inspired by watching documentaries or hearing interviews about how artists got started in the music industry. Hearing about their journey inspires me on my journey. 


When did you learn to play piano? I took one year of piano lessons when I was in grade school. I didn’t start playing piano again until late high school or college. I started playing regularly within the past year and a half. 


When did you start singing? I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. My earliest memory of singing in public was in church when I was 4. Growing up, I would sing in church and was active in choir and musical theatre throughout high school.

Rachel's Story

  • Raised on a family farm in Warsaw, Ohio, Rachel grew up showing livestock, barrel racing, and singing gospel and country music.

  • Through the family’s thoroughbred horse farm, their paths crossed with Mike and Martha Borchetta.

  • It was Rachel's local talent show recording of "Blue" that caught the attention of the Borchettas. Through their connections, Rachel was introduced to Grammy Award winning recording engineer, Julian King.

  • Julian produced Rachel’s original song: “Can’t Love You Less.” The song paints a beautiful picture of a mother and daughter’s journey through the years and their unconditional love

  • Rachel continues to enjoy playing at local venues, wineries, and assisted living facilities. 

Ohio country singer and songwriter
Bopper 1.jpg

MEET Bopper

Bopper came into my life in my early high school years and served as a fantastic barrel horse for myself and later, my mom. Once retired, he enjoyed his days on the farm eating carrots, treats, and raising all the thoroughbred foals, once they were weaned from their mothers. We sadly lost Bopper in February of 2022. He has made such an impact in my life that I wanted to incorporate his name “Bopper” into my publishing company name.

Boppin Highway 36 Music


Corfu Records Rachel Leigh Duncan_edited.png

When we purchased our thoroughbred stallion, Corfu, Mike and Martha Borchetta reached out to us regarding him. Since Corfu is the reason for our paths crossing, the record label is named Corfu Records.

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